Design is both a process of imagination and engineering. Some good product designs excite the senses; others have classic practical applications. But great product design does both. Welcome to Phloy.

Our designs do both, accomplished through sharp scrutiny of the consumer market and the utmost attention to practical mechanics. We live and breathe both the visual and the experiential, so that your customers get a product that thrills them, but is trouble-free for your manufacture. “Timeless” and “economical” can be used in the same sentence.

Our specialties include a focus on creating the housing (or “shell”) of a consumer product that grabs customer emotions while easily melding with your manufacturing processes. We offer you both Product Design and Design Strategy. The integration of these skills means that the objects of our collaboration have an innate tangible appeal, but also cater to the particular desires of customer demographics. Our arrows hit your target markets.

Good Design Is Green. We have a vested interest in sustainability. Not because it is a trend, but because it is good for design, good for manufacturers and good for the planet. We've studied the markets and processes of eco-friendly design and understand how to deliver modern product design that reflects sustainable implementation. But that always remains beautiful.